22 - 25 November 2012 
Sanatorium participates in the 7th Contmporary Art Fair that is going to be held between the dates 22th – 25th of November with a group show that includes the recent and striking works of the artists; Rafet Arslan, Ludovic Bernhardt, Luz Blanco, Can Ertas, Ahmet Dogu İpek, Stephan Kaluza, Yagız Ozgen, Orhan Cem Cetin, İlke Yılmaz, Luo Qing.
The artworks that will be presented in the exhibition consist of; Arslan’s newly produced collages, Bernhardt’s oil on canvas painting which is made by the corruption of images of internet news, Blanco’s wall installation that consists of 19 different drawings on paper, samples of Ertas’s minimal industrial productions, İpek’s works that are questioning the contemporary architecture with traditional methods, Kaluza’s utopian landscapes which will also be available in Sanatorium Gallery during the fair, samples of Ozgen’s works,Cetin’s late works that are of wide range in terms of style and Yılmaz’s scuplture that gives reference to her early works and Luo Qing’s oil on canvas works.
The exhibition that is rich in terms of medium and style gives the chance to adopt a new perspective on various concepts while introducing the viewer with these contemporary artists.