Ludovic Bernhardt is a French artist & poet, graduated from Studio National d'art contemporain Le Fresnoy, France. Resident at La cité d'artistes Guy Loë / Fondation des artistes, France. He is Winner of the Grand Prix SGDL 2022 for poetry (Society of People of Letters, Paris).

He produces various installations, objects, paintings, texts and graphics - political diagrams, crashed financial graphs, maps... In parallel of his artworks, he writes books: Reacteur 3 Fukushima (ed. LansKine).  Work Bitch (Jou éd.), Inversion (éd. Gravitons). He collaborates with the art initiative space Plateforme Paris and has participated in several exhibitions and Art Fairs in Europe. He has been co-curator of the exhibitions Hyphologie and Fragments of a hologram rose. He performs public readings in France, notably at the Centre d’art contemporains Databaz, Les Tanneries, and Art Brussels, Festival Bifurcations #5 / Nouveau Studio Théâtre Nantes, Centre d'art contemporain Tignous, L'ours et la vieille grille, etc. He is writing a thesis in research-creation, at the University of Paris 8, EDESTA, Labo AIAC.