In his works, Yunus Emre Erdoğan directs his gaze towards places and objects. The subjects which he deals with in his pictures are light and space, details which attract his attention. His works, which are predominantly in charcoal, are endowed with an atmosphere which is as intense as it is tranquil. The spatial elements in the details at times break free from formalism to display a reductionist attitude.
Born in 1988, the artist completed his bachelor at Dokuz Eylul University Fine Arts Faculty Dept. of Painting in 2011 and is currently enrolled in the MA program of the same department. Yunus Emre Erdoğan lives and works in Istanbul. Recent exhibitions and events he participated in include: Solo Exhibition: ''Horizon of Things'', SANATORIUM, Istanbul (2018), "Sounds of Secrecy” SANATORIUM, Istanbul (2015). Group Exhibition: ''Olympos Exhibitions 1: Portrait'', Cihangir Sadık Paşa Konağı, Istanbul (2019), Hopeless Emptiness, SANATORIUM, İstanbul (2018), “Home” Museum Evliyagil, Ankara (2017). “Drawing Today” O’Art Gallery, Istanbul (2017)."Sürgün Gezegenleri" TUYAP, Istanbul (2016). " Photocopies" Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center / A.A.S.S.M, Izmir (2015). "Innominate Spaces" Mieszkanie Gepperta,  Wrocław, Poland (2014). "Bon Appetit  / City – Inflammatory State" Survival 12 Art Review, Wrocław, Poland (2014). "Where am I?" Kare Sanat, Istanbul (2014). " The Spirit of Paper" Alan Istanbul, Istanbul (2014). “Apparatus Criticus & Locus / Footnotes" Künstlerhaus Stuttgart & Lotte, Stuttgart (2013). "...with all the changes that loomed far behind the horizon" Mars Istanbul, Istanbul (2013). "Laboratory Life" SANATORIUM, Istanbul (2013). Solo Project: “Cosmic Room" Input-Output Nonprofit Art Space, Izmir (2012).