Comprising a wide spectrum of material from the National Anthem, Nutuk by the founding leader of the nation, Yeşilçam melodramas, from cheat cheats to YouTube self-help videos my works traverse public and private manifestations of various forms of subordination, and problematize the technologies of power. The works invert the social functions of materials through deformation, contextual detachment and categorization of ordinary texts and images. Rather than creating an instance of enlightenment, the novel perspective offered by this method exposes the spectator to a state of temporary perplexity, disorientation and non-identification. Therefore, the works aims to open a critical space by combining power mechanisms that seem independent from each other such as; nationalism, patriarchy, knowledge and power.
Scanning a range of issues, from the construction of maleness and femaleness as gender roles to the constitutive myths of citizenship and nation, questioning knowledge and its distribution, the approach of the works aims to decipher “power” that encompasses the intimate and the social simultaneously. Among these works that have an ongoing dialogue with each other we find out the suggestions shared by the social opposition: disrupt, subvert and rethink the given.