Kerem Ozan Bayraktar is an Istanbul based artist. Bayraktar's works focus on spheres of influence, individuation, and transformation of objects. He uses multi-part and distributed forms of expression with an intense emphasis on relationality and fluidity. His most recent installations and research have involved objects of various scales and qualities, such as weedy urban plants, invading ships, generative images, and robot toys. Bayraktar who participated in BAK, Fellowship for Situated Practice, 2022; SAHA Studio, Istanbul, 2020 and Berlin Senate Residency Program, ZK/U, Berlin, 2019 completed his MFA and PhD at Marmara University Institute of Fine Arts. Some of the group projects that he recently participated in include Hosting Bodies, Sanatorium, Istanbul, 2021; Sentient Matter, D21, Leipzig, 2021; Busan Sea Art Festival, Ilgwang, 2021; 2021 and Sandstorm – And Then There Was Dust, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, 2021. Bayraktar is a faculty member at Marmara University and his latest publications are the Spirits on the Ground, 2021 and Maps of the Worlds [Turkish], 2021.